Denim tee..

Love this denim tee from Topshop. Denim is such an easy way to slob out without looking like a complete slob (if that makes any sense?)
So Monday morning and I’m layering a denim tee over a long sleeve grey tee with a navy flippy gap skirt!

Comfy and cool (I hope!)

Love FS x


‘Dinner Earrings’..


Last night James and I were out for dinner to celebrate his birthday.
I wore Gap ‘Fit & Flare’ dress and KG red Mary Janes.
Three things I loved about last nights outfit…

1) Fit and Flare, my all time favourite dress shape, makes me feel dressed up in an instant!

2) Red shoes, so much funner than black! I like how the shoes compliments the dress rather than giving the dress all of the attention!

3) My earrings, I have re named them my ‘dinner earrings’! As it seems this is the only time I use them. I like how they take this cotton gap day dress from day to night in 30 seconds! Only £6 new look !!


Churn Baby Churn..


Vintage icecream Van

It true British style, another day of sunshine had me heading straight to our local ice-cream parlour! in little place called Cockerham.

Wallings farm have their own cows and make their own delicious ice-cream on site.

I couldn’t resist a quick snap with their old Bedford ice-cream van!!!

So, here’s todays choice.. ‘Toffee chocolate’.. Was gorgeous! Lucky for me, this place is on my way home from work.. so maybe I will be spending a few more afternoons here soon 🙂

Wallings Icecream Parlour


My New Cigarette Trousers..

Another late evening post, its been a busy week so far! Im completely flaked and its only Tuesday..

Topshop Checked Trouser
Today wearing Topshop Gingham Cigarette Trousers – £42

Topshop Gingham Cigarette Trouser

And Gap’s Shrunken Boyfriend Shirt – £29.95 (today with 25% off!) – I really recommend this shirt, its perfectly loose fitting and not too baggy, and its a super-soft fabric!

Gap Shrunken Boyfriend Shirt

Love these trousers.. ankle skimmers are perfect for this time of year when your ready to ditch the socks and boots off but aren’t quite ready for a skirt!

Be brave and pick a print, you don’t have to be boring in the office! 😉

Topshop Checked Trousers

Ciao for now

FS xx

Minty Monday..

20140310-213731.jpgSo I promised I’d make an effort this week, and boy did the sunshine make it easy for me!
Today wearing an old Zara skirt and a Boden Breton, Mint is on trend this spring and I love it when you can pull something old out of the closet and bring it up to date.
Today head-to-toe mint green mixing stripes and lace…
oh and some gorgeous Tulips from the supermarket today….
Spring is finally here 🙂
FS x

Same Sh*t, Different Day..

Recently I have been suffering deeply from ‘same-shit-different-day’ syndrome! (shall we call is SSDD ?!)

Its not that I’m short of things to wear (and its not like I haven’t been shopping!) I have new things in my wardrobe I haven’t shared with you yet! I suppose I have just been lazy, waiting for spring, reluctant to get out of my easy faithful go to’s!!

Don’t get me wrong its essential have these fail safe items in your wardrobe because lets face it most mornings are full of rushed time and rude awakenings, but I’m just bored of wearing the same things…

Patchwork Jeans

So here I am today in the same H&M patchwork Jeans and this Orange Coz jumper you’ve seen me in lately (not to mention yesterdays Gap sweater?!)..

Soo, Ive set myself a personal challenge from tomorrow for the next week.. I’m going to wear something different every day that I haven’t yet flaunted on Fashion Sunday..

Stay tuned… see you tomorrow

FS xxxxx

Statement Sweater..

I have hardly been out of this Gap sweater since I bought it, It was a great buy that is so versatile, so I though I’d share some fashion tips..

Gap Sweater

For me, a statement sweatshirt does 3 things

1) Makes getting dressed in a hurry sooo easy

2) Adds interest to something quite basic

3) Dresses up/down in one simple hit

For days of T-shirts, jeans and trainers the statement sweat makes your outfit look more ‘put-together’ in an instant and for the morning-after-the-night-before the same top can be chucked over a dress to dress it down just as easy!!

My current favourite is to wear for work or ‘off-duty’ is to wear over a white or denim shirt.

Yesterday I wore over a Striped Bretton for a change and I loved this just as much, basically its a cheap, hugely useful addition to your wardrobe and I suggest you all get one!

Here’s a few of my fave’s on the highstreet right now…

Gap – Floral Pull over – £24.95 – buy HERE

Gap Floral Pull Over

Topshop – Cities Tri Marl Sweat – £24 – buy HERE

Topshop Cities SweaterAaaand…

If your feeling brave? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Neon Jewel sweatshirt from Jaded London – £50 – buy yours HERE

Neon Jewel Sweater Jaded London

Massive selection on get yourself a shopping! It will make your spring wardrobe a little funner 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to roll them sleeves up.. !!


FS x


Another Navy Day..

Navy Selma Bag

Today it was so nice to ditch the coat, and get my ankles out, I’m not saying I was warm, but it wasn’t raining so I though id best seize the opportunity whilst I can!

I love this oversized cashmere cardigan from brand Charli, its so slouchy and comfy, its perfect for weekends.

I have a lot of navy and grey in my wardrobe, this is a great thing as they are staple colours and go with almost anything, although great colours alone it is nice to try and brighten them up, I’ve gone for orange today, but minty green is supposed to be hot right now and would work well with both these colours.

Patchwork Denim

Orange Cos jumper, Navy Charli Cardigan, H&M Patchwork Jeans, Michael Kors Selma Bag, Clarks lace up shoes


FS xxx

NÜMPH Jumper..

February calls for cosy snuggly jumpers!

Numph Jumper

There is nothing more I’d rather be wearing right now than this chunky knit from Danish brand NÜMPH ! Its cold and wet outside, I’m nice and toastie and counting down the days to the weekend! 1 more sleep..

 Friday Tomorrow – Whoop !!

Chunky Knit Jumper

Wearing: Numph Jumper, Soaked in Luxury Jeans and Superga’s

See you tomorrow !

FS xxxxx