Little Black Boots

Best sale find ever !!
Last week I found these little black boots in Karen Millen and I was so excited they had my size.
You really can’t say no to a pair of black boots in your size that fit well it’s a staple piece of footwear you’ll wear for years!
And half price… Even better!!

Still available on line in limited sizes – but them HERE Read More


Use It Or Loose It..

I’m having a January clear out!
Since we moved into the house I’ve been living with a small ‘pop-up’ wardrobe and I’ve over filled it so much it’s collapsing on a monthly basis! It’s been 7 months with only a few selected items and I’ve only got a few weeks to go until the new wardrobes are fitted and I’m going get all of my clothes back in their rightful place. Can. Not. Wait!

So this in mind I decide to throw out the crap, I’ve decided only beautiful clothes will be allowed pride place on the rails of my (what I’ve started to regard as precious) new wardrobes.

Its the perfect excuse I need but I still find throwing clothes out SUPER hard. So this week I’m having a ‘use it or loose it’ week.. I’ve pulled out a weeks worth of clothes that I’m not quite sure if I can easily part with and I’ve decided if I can’t wear them THIS week (or if I wear them and not love them) then its BYE-BYE!
Could be a fun little challenge, but could end up looking a scruff bag all week in old clothes!

We will see…

FS xx

Looking back at 2014

Hello strangers !

Wow last year was busy. The most busy and best year in a long time id say. 2015 has massive boots to fill !
I haven’t recently had all that much time for the blog, there comes a time (sometimes) when there is all a little too much commitment in your days and it was just one more things on my list of things to do. That said, I’m here now, and I’m so excited to give you a run down on what I’ve been up to and what you missed.


So I fell of the radar about April, just before a vintage vacation in an airstream trailer on the Isle of Wight for Sam (shoegal’s) hen do, so much fun, loads of lovely girls, cake, wine, pizzas, a vintage make over, a minibus of drunk girls stranded tyre-deep in a muddy field and a human sized inflatable penis! what more could you want from a weekend ?!


In May, Sam got married, and I was one of many candy coloured bridesmaids for what will forever be known as ‘the wedding of the year’ (every year!) the funnest wedding you would ever go to. Rock my wedding feature HERE You must have a look as my pictures really do it no justice!


In June, James and I (and the cat) moved in to our new home that we waited FOREVER for. I have excitedly claimed a room all for myself and turned it into a dressing room 🙂 It really is my dream come true.


July brought me the big 30 !! it also brought a shit load of rain, but on the day of my pom pom decorated prosecco garden party, It held off good and proper 🙂 who knew being 30 could be so much fun! Thanks to my lovely Mum for throwing my big celebration 🙂


Then we got a new addition to the family… BELLA .. the Rhodesian ridgeback/German shepherd cross from Wolfwood our local rescue centre. Bella has quite literally taken over my life, she comes everywhere with us. She is absolutely bonkers, a 36kilo, 4 year old puppy with a whole lotta love (and snoring) to share!!


November saw a 3 week family trip to Thailand, with all of my brothers and sisters. I came back sun kissed, addicted to currys, very relaxed and a wannabe hedonist, which lasted all of about 5 days before I was back to my normal dare I say materialistic self!



Finally Xmas 🙂 and another little holiday, this time in the snow.


All that, along with a new look website, I hope you like 🙂 And a long awaited instagram account ! @the_fashionsunday

See ya soon – I promise it won’t be so long this time!

FS x

Grey Sweatshirts..

Which one to wear today …..
20140405-113456.jpgPerfect for chilling around town on a Saturday. Pop back later to see with one I decided on!
FS x

Sunday Travels..

I’ve been away for a few days to visit my Mummy Dolly, be back soon for some fashion!
Happy Mothers day Mum, I love you loads

Love Fashion Sunday?..

Hi Ladies (and gents?!) .. Blog views are through the roof, thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit, I’m really flattered so many of you come back time and time again to read my ‘posts’ and I hope you continue to find them fun and inspiring..

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Your visits make it all worth while


Lots of Love

FS xx


Lancaster 5k Fun Run!

20140323-193511.jpgToday I ran a 5k race with LWRG (Lancaster Women’s Running Group) to raise money for Barnardo’s.

I haven’t run for months and it was great to get out pavement pounding in my beautiful city, the sun was out and it was a gorgeous morning. The organisers were amazing the supplied cakes at the finish line!
Not just cakes… They also gave us with Clarins goody bags !! …. Now that is what I call a fun run!! These guys really know what women want huh!!!
I dont think I I did that well, middle of the pack I’d say, but it was super fun, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Happy Sunday Everyone
FS xx

New Jumper Alert!

Busy today, but managed a quick snap as I left for work this morning.
I’m so happy to have pulled the pink superga’s out of the closet, and loving them with my new lightweight knit from M&S that I bought yesterday.

Florals are always great for spring, and this jumper is cozy, comfy and colourful, PURFECT with jeans for Fridays!
See you tomorrow
FS xx

#NoMakeUp – Cancer Awareness

Thank you Aid and Lucy for your nomination!!

First of all, a few things id like to get out of the way..

1) This is for raising awareness, right? So for me, with the blog it is the best possible way for me to spread the word!

2) I feel very strongly that it is also about giving, It is for a charity and for research after all, with out research and funding, great progresses will happen slower, and this costs lives.

Now that’s out of the way …. 

Wow, #NoMakeUpSelfie has taken the day by storm!! Its been a great way to raise cancer awareness and I am certain that this week they would have raised more money than usual from a £1 donation and a ‘Selfie’ snap, to those bailing on their ‘naked’ photo with a £10 defeat!

I nearly didn’t put my ‘Selfie’ up, because I don’t think it really means anything, but no one wants to be a spoilt sport!! I’m putting my naked face on the internet today because everyone I love knows what it look like anyway… spots, expression lines and all, so whats another picture of my mug?!

What I will say, is that today did make me think of those magic brushes and wands that live in our make up bags… 

On a day to day basis I wonder how I would get through the day without my mascara, then I had a moment to think about those who have to live without something every day, whether it be those who lost their love to Cancer, or those who have the strength to push through with temporary losses like their hair…  My mascara didn’t seem so important all of a sudden.

Contents of my make up bag

My Mascara is my favourite item (then my red lipstick !!!), its Dior Blackout and it costs £23 and I’m not ashamed to say it because I LOVE it so. Thinking about it made me feel guilty for not giving.. so, what I’ve decided to do is donate the value of my ‘Cant Live Without’  item from my make up bag.. I’m going to donate the cost of my mascara to Cancer awareness today because if it ran out tomorrow id replace it in an instant, and I wouldn’t think twice.

If you decide you want to donate – Donate securely and simply by texting PINK03 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 now. To donate another amount, just change the amount after the £ sign – for example, PINK03 £10

See more at:

Remember… Every penny counts

FS x





Statement Earrings..

I have had so many lovely comments on the earrings I wore at the weekend that I decided I’m going to buy some more!
I haven’t decided which ones just yet, but had fun putting together the best of what Ive found on the high-street so far. I hope you like them as much as I do..

Decisions.. decisions..

Dinner Earrings

1. Banana Republic – Acid Bright Statement Earrings – £20

2. Accessorize – Riviera Dream Earrings – £12

3. Accessorize – Tash Statement Stud – £10

4. Accessorize – Violet Open Back Earrings – £14

5. New Look – Pink Gemstone Teardrop Earring – £7.99 !!

Not a lover of getting dressed up? Wear your earrings with blue jeans a grey tshirt for a more ‘put together’ look in 10 seconds 😉

And here are the New Look baby’s you loved in the hero shot they deserve…

New Look Earrings

See you soon..

FS x