About The Blog

My name is Hayley.. Welcome to Fashion Sunday

This is my blog, my little outlet, my little piece of cyberspace (all mine!) which I started in 2010. It all started with my thoughts on fashion and what I was buying, wearing, wishing I could afford to be wearing, you know, the usual! But then something changed…

I started a new job, running the officefor my boyfriend James, and my wardrobe had to get practical!! I didn’t do practical, I used to wear leopard print sheer maxis and wedges into the office, now its all jeans and Superga’s!

Ok, so most people would kill for my old job, buying shoes really is all its cracked up to be, but I got better things to do.. I work in a country town called Garstang (its the worlds first fairtrade town dont you know!), live in the historic city of Lancaster, on the doorstep of Britain’s beautiful Lake District, my friends are all over the country and I love visiting them, I do ski trips and fell walking and I like wearing wellies to the farm.. oh, and I like to squeeze in a few shopping trips in between!!

Its still all about what I am wearing/wanna be wearing etc.. But if you want fashion.. REAL LIFE fashion then stay tuned!

I hope my friends and followers find inspiration in me and my outfits. I want to give people lots of fashion ideas and a little bit of confidence to try something different.

This is me, my every day life, I enjoy it, I hope you do too!

FS x

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2 Comments on “About The Blog

  1. Hi Hayley, loooooooooooove your blog, will catch up with you on sundays! Hope all is well with you. love you Jan and Granken xx

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