What To Wear For Lunch ..

Unless its afternoon tea in the middle of summer, I always struggle with getting dressed up at lunch time, it is literally my worst time of day to dress up for. Going out for dinner or drinks ‘Pass me the sequins’ .. Afternoon tea’s easy its a dress with BIG skirt paired with sandals every time, Im much more a pub-lunch-in-ya-jeans-n-boots-girl these days though. So when your going to a relatively relaxed Michelin star restaurant in the lake district what on earth do you wear?!


When I say relaxed I don’t mean ramblers are sitting in there or anything, but id probably get some funny looks if I rocked up in a nice dress. Its not that im not a fan of being over dressed, but there is a time and a place and L’enclume at lunch time isn’t one of them!   What im  trying to achieve is ‘smart casual’ !!!!


So, I decided jeans were the way forward and I pulled this Karen Millen top out of the wardrobe that ive had a while and not yet got to wearing. I think the top is both feminine and smart enough. I think I nailed ‘Smart Casual’ just right.

A little nod to the peasant top trend but a little smarter, cant wait to wear this more in the summer.

Not available online now, but buy similar HERE also from Karen Millen. or this GORRRRGEOUS one from Mango HERE

SONY DSCToday was a lovely day, the food was amazing, there was wine and sunshine, what more could you want from a sunday!

See you soon

FS xxxx



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