The Long Awaited Wardrobes !

They’re here.. They’re here.. They are fiiiiiinally here!

Ok so ive had them for about 3 weeks and only just got to telling you all, but I am oh so happy, my beautiful wardrobes are finally fitted and no more ‘POP-UP’ wardrobe for me, Yay !!!

The wardrobes are HEPPLEWHITE ‘MODA’ design and were fitted by a local installer. I decided to go for all mirrored doors to create the most light in my room.

In case you didn’t know Hepplewhite and Hammonds are the same company so I got the Β£4k wardrobes at more than the half the price by using their sister brand. I literally couldn’t be happier… They look great huh ???


It was a tough one deciding how to lay out the interior, I needed BFF help for this one! The left side is for Mr.FS but the rest (plus the wardrobes in our guest rooms are mine!) The centre wardrobe is for long hanging Maxi dresses and for more formal ‘save for best’ dresses. The right hand wardrobe is my everyday rails, with the top section long enough to hold dresses and cropped trousers! I was gonna have shoes in here too but there is not enough space so ive used the shelving for folded (mostly Bretton!!) tops!

Its a long way away from where we were….


And im sure you’ll all agree Waaaayyyy better !!

All I have to do now is bring the rest of the room up to scratch … Im getting there, but an IKEA tripΒ is in order soon I think!


FS xxxx


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