Use It Or Loose It..

I’m having a January clear out!
Since we moved into the house I’ve been living with a small ‘pop-up’ wardrobe and I’ve over filled it so much it’s collapsing on a monthly basis! It’s been 7 months with only a few selected items and I’ve only got a few weeks to go until the new wardrobes are fitted and I’m going get all of my clothes back in their rightful place. Can. Not. Wait!

So this in mind I decide to throw out the crap, I’ve decided only beautiful clothes will be allowed pride place on the rails of my (what I’ve started to regard as precious) new wardrobes.

Its the perfect excuse I need but I still find throwing clothes out SUPER hard. So this week I’m having a ‘use it or loose it’ week.. I’ve pulled out a weeks worth of clothes that I’m not quite sure if I can easily part with and I’ve decided if I can’t wear them THIS week (or if I wear them and not love them) then its BYE-BYE!
Could be a fun little challenge, but could end up looking a scruff bag all week in old clothes!

We will see…

FS xx


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