Looking back at 2014

Hello strangers !

Wow last year was busy. The most busy and best year in a long time id say. 2015 has massive boots to fill !
I haven’t recently had all that much time for the blog, there comes a time (sometimes) when there is all a little too much commitment in your days and it was just one more things on my list of things to do. That said, I’m here now, and I’m so excited to give you a run down on what I’ve been up to and what you missed.


So I fell of the radar about April, just before a vintage vacation in an airstream trailer on the Isle of Wight for Sam (shoegal’s) hen do, so much fun, loads of lovely girls, cake, wine, pizzas, a vintage make over, a minibus of drunk girls stranded tyre-deep in a muddy field and a human sized inflatable penis! what more could you want from a weekend ?!


In May, Sam got married, and I was one of many candy coloured bridesmaids for what will forever be known as ‘the wedding of the year’ (every year!) the funnest wedding you would ever go to. Rock my wedding feature HERE You must have a look as my pictures really do it no justice!


In June, James and I (and the cat) moved in to our new home that we waited FOREVER for. I have excitedly claimed a room all for myself and turned it into a dressing room 🙂 It really is my dream come true.


July brought me the big 30 !! it also brought a shit load of rain, but on the day of my pom pom decorated prosecco garden party, It held off good and proper 🙂 who knew being 30 could be so much fun! Thanks to my lovely Mum for throwing my big celebration 🙂


Then we got a new addition to the family… BELLA .. the Rhodesian ridgeback/German shepherd cross from Wolfwood our local rescue centre. Bella has quite literally taken over my life, she comes everywhere with us. She is absolutely bonkers, a 36kilo, 4 year old puppy with a whole lotta love (and snoring) to share!!


November saw a 3 week family trip to Thailand, with all of my brothers and sisters. I came back sun kissed, addicted to currys, very relaxed and a wannabe hedonist, which lasted all of about 5 days before I was back to my normal dare I say materialistic self!



Finally Xmas 🙂 and another little holiday, this time in the snow.


All that, along with a new look website, I hope you like 🙂 And a long awaited instagram account ! @the_fashionsunday

See ya soon – I promise it won’t be so long this time!

FS x


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