Same Sh*t, Different Day..

Recently I have been suffering deeply from ‘same-shit-different-day’ syndrome! (shall we call is SSDD ?!)

Its not that I’m short of things to wear (and its not like I haven’t been shopping!) I have new things in my wardrobe I haven’t shared with you yet! I suppose I have just been lazy, waiting for spring, reluctant to get out of my easy faithful go to’s!!

Don’t get me wrong its essential have these fail safe items in your wardrobe because lets face it most mornings are full of rushed time and rude awakenings, but I’m just bored of wearing the same things…

Patchwork Jeans

So here I am today in the same H&M patchwork Jeans and this Orange Coz jumper you’ve seen me in lately (not to mention yesterdays Gap sweater?!)..

Soo, Ive set myself a personal challenge from tomorrow for the next week.. I’m going to wear something different every day that I haven’t yet flaunted on Fashion Sunday..

Stay tuned… see you tomorrow

FS xxxxx


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