One Night in Venice..

Ok so maybe it was two nights but it went soo fast it felt like one! I had the best time 🙂

Venice from Rialto Bridge

For those who’ve been you will understand, and for those who haven’t.. well, Venice is like another world.. a world that’s full of romance and beauty, water, bridges, gondolas, and people snogging, its so unreal its unreal! Before you book, do pass a moment to think if you want to pay over the odds for public acts of affection you can see at Chester zoo?  Do you really wanna go away to see other people eating each others faces ?! I’m kidding !!!!! Maybe you don’t, I wouldn’t but I DID DEFINATELY want to see Venice, and yes it is worth every penny!

Venice Grand Canal

Grand Canal

When I arrived, the fanfare of Venice’s beauty quite literally blinded me  – I say this because I arrived by boat at dusk with the lights reflecting into the Grand Canal. It was STUNNING – I was momentarily breathless having found out our taxi was 80 euros for like 2 miles (it was a boat tho?!) I started to wonder if it wasn’t for tourists how Venice could possibly survive past the water taxis, canals, hundreds of restaurants and more tourist shops than a tourist shop lover can dream of, surely its economy would crumble if it wasn’t for the face-eating loved-up toss pots ?!

Venice Canals

Once my wine head had cleared the next morning and I got over the canals and bridges, and once I had got lost down a labyrinth of car-less pedestrian walkways, I opened my eyes and started to see how the city manages to function! I saw Gucci have its store delivery by boat, It was bin day, and the bins bags are collected in alley sized carts and chucked onto a ‘Bin-bag-boat’ and ‘DHL’ guess what… they deliver by boat and in the same fleecy jumper they deliver my work parcels to me in Lancaster ?! WEIRD !  It amazes me how they make it work, not through tourism but how they are geared up to deal with life, high tides, A & E emergency’s, shop deliverys, bin men days and best of all, when you need to go to the airport, your airport shuttle bus is a speed boat that drops you off at the terminal! its seem excessive to us car dwellers, but its simple (great fun too) and it works there!

Star Hotels Splendid Venice

Venice is not just built for tourism, it holds plenty of history and for the Venetian’s this historical beauty is every day life, there are no roads, there are no cars, there are not even that many trees, they simply walk or use locals buses (boat buses albeit!) its a beautiful place with beautiful buildings and beautiful people (if you can pick ’em out amongst the sea of holiday happy snappers) beautiful Murano glass and fab food and wine, I suggest if you can, you make sure you go 🙂 Its not to be missed in a lifetime.

All in all, I bloody LOVE Venice, maybe I need not go again for a while a weekend is long enough I think, but I’m damn glad I’ve been!

If you ever fancy going and want some hints and tips, feel free to email me, I’d gladly share my ventures with you.

FS xxxx


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