Ive been busy lately..

Sorry I’ve been a bit slack, I’ve been busy as you like over the last few weeks! You know what its like, its always mental in the run up to Christmas, fitting in family, friends, shopping and wrapping up things at work, wrapping up the presents too!! So its nice to finally relax and have some time off 🙂 Over the next few weeks there will be January sale buys, xmas presents to show off and I’m sure lots of outfits from over the xmas break but today here’s a few bits you’ve missed… all Christmassy bits.. and a best buy bobble hat along the way! (just in case you hadn’t noticed it!!)

Manchester Christmas Markets..

Christmas Markets

Mulled Wine

Manchester Christmas markets with mulled wine in mugs and the lovely Louise 🙂 I love going to the markets every year, to be honest I hardly buy anything apart from food and drink, but the atmosphere is great, and what’s not to love about hot wine in a mug!! Go early in end Nov/ early Dec to get you in the xmas spirit nice and early!

Shopping at Cheshire Oaks..

Cheshire Oaks TreeThe tallest Christmas tree in the country apparently! Take a look inside…

Inside the Cheshire Oaks tree

Cheshire Oakes

Cheshire oaks is the northern sister of Bicester Village! Its heaving at Christmas, again I suggest you go early.. amazing shops from Burberry, Mulberry and Michael Kors to Molton Brown and Le Cruset.. they even have an M&S. A Perfect one stop shop for most of your gifts.

AJ’s Diner…

AJ's DinerAj's Diner WellingboroughFashion sundayStumbled across a diner in the middle of an industrial estate! I thought it was a little random in the middle of nowhere, but it was rammed busy and they serve amazing fry ups, coke floats and ice cream sundaes, the girls are dressed up as teddy girls, and in the evenings they have rock and roll nights! Definitely worth a mention.

My last day in the office….

Anything familiar here?

Topshop Fur beaine

All wrapped up for my last day in the office, looking warm layered up in my Monsoon spotty cardi and wool scarf from Regent street and totally in love with my new obsession, my bobble hat!

I have hardly had it off since I bought it the day of the Christmas markets! To be honest I only bought is because I was cold that day, and what a buy it turned out to be! Ive worn it EVERY day!

Topshop £14 – Fur pom cable beanie

They still have some in stock and have navy and a dark green in stock too (obvs I want the navy one!) Get yours before they go.

Topshop beanie

You know you want one!

See you soon

FS xxx


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