My Dirty Little Secret…

Ok ok, nothing actually dirty, just something I have been keeping quiet..

Look at my outfit what could it possibly be??…

Polka Dot Skirt

I know, nothing out of the usual, Polka dots (very me) grey (also very me) and some trendy Topshop brogues…  ‘maybe she is wearing Spanks’ I hear you thinking.. ‘No!’

I will tell you, but please keep it hush hush.. Those shoes, they are NOT Topshop!

Clarks Hotel Disco

This has been my little secret for a while, I have even lied about there origin to friends and family over the last month and today my secret is out, these gorgeous, bang on trend shoes are actually from……

Drum roll please….



Yes I said Clarks, as in the brand you associate with drab office workers and boring people! Well, as the opposite of this stereotype I can confirm this is not the case, Clarks actually have some AMAZING shoes! I could have bought 3 pairs the day I went in to their Lancaster store! Not only do they look good, you get quality and comfort too, and not all at a bad price either. Buy then HERE Hotel Disco in Black £64.99

Or if your not keen on lace ups, how about these ‘Hotel Chic’ slip on’s

Hotel Chic

Maybe next time you pass Clarks you should pop in and have a look.

Grey Crew – Boden. Skirt – New Look. Shoes – Clarks.Polka dot skirt Clarks Brogues




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