Planning 2014..

So I have bought my 2014 diary this week!! Well Keen I know, but I have a lot of dates to put in it already, I am a busy, busy lady (apparently)!
Paperchase is always my go to for my diary. I always buy about this time of year and carry it with me every day in my handbag until its use is up.. and then, sadly, we part our separate ways 😦

Paperchase Diary

I have a lot of people ask me why I use a diary ‘why not use the calander on your iphone’ they say.. but I bloody hate technological diaries, be it traditional but I LOVE a diary, a good ‘ol paper diary. I like putting pen to paper and jotting down what im doing and all my budgets and birthdays, I cant live without it, and so that’s my I always invest.

Criteria for me must be:
1) small enough to fit in a small cross body bag (then it comes with me no matter what bag I have)
2) Week to view kind ( Its most effective for planning. Quite simply!)
3) A print or colour I love (this changes yearly to however I feel the day I buy it)
4) Pages at the back for notes (you never ever know when you need to make a list!)

I hope I have not bored you and instead inspired you to put down your smart phone and pick up a diary… there is something special about it.. Really !!!

Buy mine HERE

FS xx


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