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Velo Cardigan

Happy Sunday People !

Today I have spent the day in Lancaster with James. A quick bike ride, a wander round the shops, and a bit of lunch in Pizza Margaritaaaa! Anyone who knows us will know James is an avid bike fan, and I do a bit of riding myself for fitness. With bike paraphernalia all over the house (almost all of it belonging to James!) I though it would be nice to introduce some bike girlie-ness into the house by way of my wardrobe!!!

This Great Plains ‘Velo Knits Cardigan’ I bought in Bell Clothing (a small boutique shop in a quaint little village called Kirkby Lonsdale) you can buy it on-line on the Great Plains website HERE. Its sooo cute, the bikes have baskets on them 🙂

Velo Knits Cardi

To be honest if I’d of saw it on-line I would never have bought it, it doesn’t look special at all, but in the shop I loved it so much, it was adorable and very soft, hanging there looking at me from the hangar I couldn’t not buy it!  I think it’s really important to try to support your local independent shops, don’t get me wrong I do love the internet, but you can’t beat actual shopping. If you see a little boutique shop, pop in! You never know what you might find!


FS x


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