Trainer Lust

So August has been pretty damn awful weather wise, and this weekend in Lancaster was no exception. I did however find a break in the rain and although it wasnt hot enough for summer sandals, I did manage a summer skirt (albeit with tights!) and made it home with my hair still in tact !

I have a new found love for trainers this summer, I used to think trainers were for boys, but I have been wearing them with skirts and playing with different textures (you know, other than wearing with denim!!).. And so recently I have started noticing trainers I love more in the shops and on the street.. I know everyone has loved the Ash trainers for a while now, who doesnt, but I saw these Sandro babys in Selfridges last week and I have been dreaming about them ever since.. best start saving they are about £350 smackers….

Ash Bowie Wedge – £169

Sandro Albatorock – approx £350

Here’s me in my old Ash Wedge Trainers.. These will have to do for now !!!

Tshirt Topshop, Skirt Zara, Bag Zara, Beads Topshop, Wedges Ash.

See you soon

FS xx


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