Holme Farm

Today James and I went to Holme Farm near Sedbergh in the Lake District.  It was a cold windy day so we wrapped up warm and went to see the little farm babies! we go every year.

My Favourite this year was the Piglets. here is George Pig trying to get into my FS shot!  He was such a cutie, and his sister Peppa pig (yes really thats their names) snuggling into Farmer Davids welly boots!

Mummy Pig!

Mummy Pig

We also saw lots of lambs, most of them were braving it out in the cold with their woolly coats on…

And inside were a few teeny tiny ones. This little fella was only just 1 week old. He was adorable, can see he is gonna be a star!

I also bottle fed the calves… had my hair chewed by a ewe.. held a bunny and a chick.. and got nostalgic when I saw the horses (think its time I gotta few riding lessons booked in!)

Young hens toastie warm under the incubator lamp!

We brought home Scones with clotted cream and jam, home made in the farm shop by Farmer Davids Mrs! No pics of these as they have been completely devoured.. Ooops!

All in all such a fun day, I dont even mind it was windy! Not very fashion forward but hey ho,  im a country girl now! Plus, you  know, the piggies didnt seem to mind!

If you fancy a day out at Holme Farm, or want to stay over and camp (rumour has it as one of few places you can have an open camp fire these days) visit their website – http://www.holmeopenfarm.co.uk/

Love always

FS x


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