Buy Clever..

So we are in the final few weeks of sale mark down! An exciting time where prices crash to around 70% in stores last bid to clear the rails in preparation for a full on, full store full of spring wear! I used to think that by now its was only drags that were left(and this can be true!) but there are always little gems you can pick up for a bargain that will give you a lot of wear!

You can either.. Buy into classic colours, red, whites, camel, black, stripes etc.. wear them for a few weeks and put them away till next year, OR… you can buy into the new seasons colours you can easily carry forward! There is lots of Orange knocking about, and yellow brights both perfect for summer.. I even found a lilac jumper in one store that is PERFECT to brighten up my days and see me though spring when it’s still really quite cold, CLEVER !!!

Here is a little mood board I’ve made to give you colour and style inspiration its my take on Spring/Summer 12..  colours around in the sale on the highstreet.. So get out there and stock up whist it is cheap!

Think Sugary pinks, purples, sherbert lemon, blues (pastels) and think Layyydies!!!

1950’s inspired america.. Grease Lightening.. Tin diners.. being a classic lady.. Cats Eye glasses and silk scarves.. Slip on Mules and Sillettos with Bows are back! YEY !!!


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