Goodbye Twenty-Eleven..

SO the new year is upon us.. It’s always sad to see christmas go by, I am always massively disappointed to see fairy light frosted buildings become dull again, but glad to see the back of the office chocolate tins! Sad to say good-bye to the indoor tree, but thankful for the feeling of a new slate that a new year brings..

Funny though, this time of year I feel the complete opposite about fashion! I am well and truly bored of winter, dull days and big knits, and I am ready for the fresh bright delights of the new collections of Spring/summer.. (more of this next post!)

BUT, Before it’s in with the new, it is out with the old!! I thought I would wrap up 2011 with a few of my favourite things about my christmas gone..

Picking up the 9ft Tree (and having to lob 2 ft off!)

Having the decorations on our tree that james had as a child was very special..

The Bloomingdale’s ‘Little Brown Bag’ decoration my buyer at Shop Direct bought me, and the presents under my tree.. I LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS! I pick a different theme every year, this yeas was based around brown paper and tags! This paperchase paper and ribbon inspired my whole wrapping theme!


My Christmas day outfit, Zara Tee, Espirit Cardi, Zara Skirt and Next BOW tights.     My Customised Cracker Hat !

Chistmas day with Mummy Dolly! 🙂

then ….  NEW YEARS – Off to the snowy French Alps

On With the Tog 24 Thermals, on with the ski suit and off to the slopes! Arent these pink thermals the cutest !!

The snowy road to La Praz, the snow topped roof tops and the brand new Chanel store that has opened in Chorchevel 1850. Outside Chanel was 4 identical high shine white resin statues in matching 2-piece chanel suits!

I had a fab break, but I’m happy to be home, it has been hectic.. and I missed Molly!

I hope yours was just as fun..

And on with 2012..

FS x


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