My Little Secret…

Wow, I have been busy.. Pre christmas at Lakes doors is our busiest time of year. As most places are I know, but who knew people were buying garage doors for Xmas ?!
Anyway, I am still adjusting to working life in the industrial unit, far faarrr away from the office where you little as make a phone call to have someone adjust the heating for you! It is cold.. proper cold! The office by midday gets on the warm side but with the big industrial door open for the duration of the morning, its fair to say my knees get a little bit chilly!!

So, today for those of you who find yourselves in a like-wise chilly knee situation, I though I would share my new secret…….. Thermals!

Not just any thermals, ICEBREAKERS. If you have to wear thermals outside of your skiing holiday at least make them nice ones that’s what I say. Icebreaker thermals are from New Zealand and are made from 100% Ethically sourced Merino Wool ..

The ones I have are Ladies 200 Leggings and are so slim tight I can fit them on under my skinny jeans.. So they keep you warm but really are like a little secret!

Icebreaker Womens 200 Legging – £47.99

I bought mine (I lie , James actually bought them.. as if I knew where to put my money when it came to thermal under garments!) in a local independent outdoor shop. They are commonly found in Snow & Rock, or online HERE

Icebreaker, the fashion friendly thermals ??

FS x


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