Legging LOVER

Todays post is dedicated to my 16 year old sister, ‘Adie’ !

I was in London to visit her last weekend and she was banging on about some printed leggings that she wants! Adie has been hunting for some cool printed leggings to (in her words) “add a bit of ‘ROCK’ to her outfit!!” If im honest I don’t think she looked much further than Primark! So I thought id give her a nudge and find a few pairs of fun leggings to liven up those winter wardrobes oh her behalf..

If you love your leggings, there is no need to give up on them, but DO get out of the boring black numbers, they have been around for EVAH !!! Its all about Aztec and Fairisle and Polkadots! Great, Theres something for everyone!

1. H&M Leggings- £9.99

2. New Look – Aztec Legging – £12.99

3. ASOS – Knitted legging with Metallic Spot – Was £30 now £24

4. River Island – Fairisle Leggings – £22

What will you wear yours with ???


Fashion Sunday x


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