The Girl in the Golden Poncho!

So today was a little bit of fun..

James and I went to Cheshire Oaks Designer outlet (the north-west’s Bicester Village equivalent) to stock up on some winter clobber..James did exceptionally well, Kitting himself out with shoes, jeans, shirts and a jacket! I did not so good, I expected to have bought more if truth be told! But maybe it was because I was in a funny mood and not taking it seriously! I mean here I am in a Stella McCartney for Adidas Golden Poncho.. Yes a GOLD PONCHO! Obviously I didn’t buy it, but I did get a few comments in the Adi shop! (I was there looking for Yoga kit!) No surprises why this baby made it to the outlet stores is there!

Not everything in the outlets are hideous! Here is one of the things I did come away with from good ol’ French Connection! It doesnt look much but its the perfect fit, and will go with everything, the perfect winter dress!

Hope you had a nice weekend.. LOVE, FS x


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