Fashion Faux Pah!

I have suffered for most of the day with a migraine and having got dressed in the dark this morning I really couldn’t care less what I looked like.. Sometimes you just have those days.. I may have made fashion faux pas in the office but i could not care less!

So now this evening I am sitting in my PJ’s on the couch, all cosy with a pillow and my Molly cat while James is out Manning it up having a curry with his friend ‘Dangerous’ !!

I couldn’t even muster up anything fashion forward enough to bang on about so here it is.. How I feel right now.. what id honestly buy if someone gave me £25 right now and tole me I could have anything in the world.. Yes.. ELMO PYJAMAS! HONEST!


Plus, they have geeky glasses on like me !! :0)

Now back to my tub of Belgian choc Haagen-Dazs!


FS x


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