Fashion Sunday – Back in Business!

Dear FashionSunday Followers…

Im sorry I dropped of the face of the earth.. Please, let me explain..

I left my super duper stressfull fashion job to join my partners (JAMES!) family business. It is just as super duper, it is indeed less stressfull, im eco friendly now I dont do 700miles a week and I get to see my lovely man everyday :0)

But… One But… Just… one… ‘BUT’… and that is I dont get FREE shoes! Hey, you cant have everything can ya!

So thats why I havent been posting, I have been busy settling into my new job – My new life! And a new clean, clear and sexy website!! U like?

I have not been on Twitter much either doing any #TodayImWearing lift shots as my Blackberry died and I dont get my new one untill November!!!! I am just about surviving withough it! Im suffering here, feel for me!!

Now, dont think that because I dont work in fashion I am not interested any more, Ohhhhh No! if anything I am keener than ever, and its just funner coz its my hoby and not my job! I still like to think myself as very much in the loop even tho im not!! (and I will keep telling myself that!)

So if you missed me, no need to worry.. There is more of What I wore, what I saw, what I bought, right here where it always was.

In short,  Im BaaaAAAck!!! ;0)

FS x


One Comment on “Fashion Sunday – Back in Business!

  1. Hey Gorge!
    How are you?
    Missed you!! I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for ages to tell you my news!!
    Glad that you’ve settled into your new job, you and James look way sweet together in the pic, aww, bless!
    Babe, what’s your new email address & no.?

    Lots of love,

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