Fashion Sunday’s 1st Birthday!

 Can you believe its been a year??  Today is Fashion Sundays 1st Birthday !

Yes that’s right, I have been blogging for a year now, and it has been very much fun indeed!

The picture below of Claire and I was a year ago today on the Ugg Australia/ photo shoot. 

 That was my very first post! Aww.. sweet reminiscing!


 Its been a very exciting year….

We went to Spain..

And France…

And New York, where we saw Central Park in the snow..

We were proud when Little Louie became a Zara baby model..

We decorated..

We’ve had cake sales..

We did hair in Tigi Catwalk Week..

We had a Royal wedding street party..

Fashion tips (obviously)..

and a Lorra lorra Mulberry Bags! :0)

Here’s some of my best bits let me know if you had any faves…..

Here’s to the next year :0)

FS x


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