TIGI Catwalk Day 4 – Felder Felder

Today’s another look from London Fashion Week..  and it is an absolute corker taken from Felder Felder’s ss11 catwalk..  Lead by Nick Irwin and the TIGI Creative Team.  Again a combination of catwalk ranges have been used.. for the first time I have tried the CURLESQUE range, and a touch of YOUR HIGHNESS and its made a light fluffy mass of texture!

I just LOVE this look.. It is soo right for now with clothing on the highstreet trending the 70’s. I wanna go out to a disco in a sequin boob tube and flares right now!! Oh yes…This hair for me screams fun fun fun!!



Fashion Sunday’s Step-by Step guide

1. On washed damp hair – prep the hair with TIGI CATWALK  CURLESQUE LIGHTWEIGHT MOUSSE.. and give yourself a sharp centre parting.

2. Blowdry hair without a brush, being careful to keep the roots sleek.

3. Next take a small section and drench with TIGI CATWALK YOUR HIGHNESS FIRM HOLD SPRAY.

4. Whilst still damp with spray roll into a pin curl and clap with the straightening irons till it sets. (This was quite nerving for me at first but I soon got over it!) It leaves what looks like little shiny flat ‘cowpats’ of hair!

5. Once you have a head full of ‘cowpats’  brush them out from the bottom, root to tip, this creates the cloudy haze of hair! Remember to keep the roots sleek in a 70’s centre parting

Today’s Weapons of Choice –  TIGI CATWALK

Curlesque Lightweight Mousse

Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray

What on earth am I gonna do tomorrow?????

FS x


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