TIGI Catwalk Day 3 – The Jonathan (yes really!)

Today I promised a look from London Fashion Week..  The style I have gone for today is that created by Paul Hanlon and the TIGI Creative Team at the Jonathan Saunders SS11 show

I have no idea what this style is actually called so I have called it the Jonathan!  It oozes retro masculinity which is typical of that 40’s Prom girl.. I like it because it’s an iddy-bit mad men (and we all know how much I LURVE mad men!)

Today I have used 2 products from across the ranges, One from the Volume (Your Highness) collection, and the other from the straight (Sleek Mystique) collection..

And the results…. well… Add some red lipstick and I think I look the part! 

Fashion Sunday’s Step-by Step guide

1. On washed damp hair – Blast ROOT BOOST into roots to give texture..

2. Create a crisp side parting with a comb, and blow dry hair keeping parting smooth and flat.

3. Brush back sides, pulling into a mid height pony tail.

4. Create a ridge of volume at the front using curling tong. And use the tongs to give a smooth feminine spiral to the pony tail.

Finish off with a heavy mist of LOOK-LOCK HAIRSPRAY

Today’s Weapons of Choice –  TIGI CATWALK

Your Highness Root Boost

Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray

Red lippy 😉

Tomorrow.. another day.. another do !

FS x


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