TIGI Catwalk Day 2 – The Big Blow Out

So for Day 2 of my TIGI CATWALK week, I have gone for Daddys little rich girl (I havent tried too hard) Pony Club hair! AKA the BIG BLOW OUT!  This style is soooo easy to do, perfect for Monday mornings!

Today I have used products from the SLEEK MYSTIQUE range, which is the straight collection apparently for the smooth operators among us!!

Fashion Sunday’s Step-by Step guide

1. On washed damp hair – combed 4 pumps of the Sleek Mystique BLOW OUT BALM through my hair. (This stuff has a teeny bit of sparkle in it, and my hair feels smoother already and its not even dry yet!)

2. Blow dry straight in sections, from root to tip with a large paddle brush, starting with the under layers finishing by blowdrying the hair at the front backwards (away from your face).

3. Finish off with a heavy mist of LOOK-LOCK HAIRSPRAY (for a light moveable hold)

Today’s Weapons of Choice –  TIGI CATWALK

Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray

Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm

The PADDLE Brush

Next.. hair copied from one of the London Fashion Week shows….

But which one?? you will have to wait till tomorrow!

FS x


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