LBD – Little Bright Dress

Last week one of friends and regular readers ‘Shoegal’ came to me for help as she was struggling to find a dress..

Her problem being that most of the bright on-trend dresses were not too bright… but too tight!  (and not because her dress was too small!)

The real issue here is that  when we have a trend which is so bright and fun, high street retailers tend to associate this with young, fun, flirty, tarty party goers! You may (or may not) have noticed yourselves that there are a lot of bright dresses out there, but all are quite short or bodycon;  great for clubbing, not so great for a party or dinner, certainly not demure. 

So, in response to Shoegal, and to help out those with similar frustrations,  I got my cap on and have found a few of my on-line faves that I think will serve a few purposes.

All of these dresses are suitable for 1st dates, dinner with the girls, family things or parties.. I think you could even relegate them to your work wardrobe at the end of the season!!

This red dress from Jaeger (£180) is my fave, it’s a hard push to get me out of navy these days, but this I can work in my wardrobe for years. Wear now with coral platform courts, and wear forever with Breton stripes! If reds not your colour, the bright blue pocket shift dress from River Island (£39.99) is sure to be a hit, team with a Turquoise or Lime clutch for some easy colour clashing.

Last one of my affordable faves is a little pink dress with peter pan collar detail. £26.99 from New Look. Gorgeous summer day dress..

Here Shoegal, hope this helps..

FS x


One Comment on “LBD – Little Bright Dress

  1. Thank you FS!I knew you’d have the answer!!I’m
    In LOVE with the red but not the price tag so will def be buying the fuschia immediately if not sooner!
    Love you and love your blog xxx

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