Rebecca Bloomwood – In SS11 ?!

Rebecca Bloomwood; For most of you she will be Isla Fisher (actress) or a leading character in an immensely popular series of books, for the chick flick loving rest of us, or those who love fashion, she is where we have ALL been.. In masses of debt and doing absolutely anything to get whatever it is she has just seen that she now WANTS!!!  

Anyway, Last week I was not feeling too good, and while having the TV and the sofa to myself I got round to watching some girly films to cheer me up… Confessions of a shopaholic being one  of them..

And there on the front cover of the 2009 film was Rebecca Bloomwood wearing something that looked like it came off Sportmax’s SS11 runway !!

Then the more I looked the more I found, she is this seasons Muse!  Look at Gucci, Dior and Jill Sander, they are all soo something Becky Bloomwood would wear!

Needless to say, it put a smile on my sofa ridden face! and I though I’d share! :0)

Sportmax SS11

Gucci SS11

FS x


One Comment on “Rebecca Bloomwood – In SS11 ?!

  1. Haylestone, you’re the only one who truly loves fashion as much as moi! Majorly heart your blog dear. Keep up the good work. : )
    After working in a boring majorly unfashionable all male office for 3 years it’s certainly great to secretly read your blog when the boys aren’t looking!!
    Love, Meerkat. xxx

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