Day 7 – The Guggenheim

Well, There isn’t really an outfit for day 6 as it would have consisted of me in my hotel dressing gown!

After 5 days of not stop walking we were shattered so James and I had breakfast in bed and a day off! (Watched the WHOLE of series 2 of mad men on DVD from the lap top! Any Mad Men fans out there????)

Some may say its a waste of time but for me it was bliss!

I just LOVE the 60’s style in Mad Men, prim and proper ladies who wear matching underwear, hold ups and full skirts with their hair pinned up to perfection. Think Louis Vuitton AW10 campaign!

Today, as you can see perfection wasnt the look I went for at the Guggenheim!!

My hair thrown back in a chignon, glasses on and a miss-match of checks! Boy, this girl is well preened!

Long sleeve T – Tommy Hilfiger

Check Dress – past Miss Selfridge

Blue Checker Scarf – Gant (Its James’!)

Boots – G-Star

& the ol’faithful bag !!!

Wether my underwear matched or not will be left to keep you guessing!

NYE tomorrow……. we best be all getting our party frocks on!

FS x


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