Day 5 – The MOMA

Yesterday we went to the MOMA (Museum of modern Art) in midtown New York.

Outside was slushy and cold so footwear wise I was restricted to my boots again! Inside however was a huge selection of art ranging from the clean lines of  Lichtenstein and Warhol to the beautiful brush strokes of Monet, then amongst the artists more commonly recognised was little old me, in my outfit!!

My outfit was of a similar tone to that I wore on monday, mixing grey and brown tones..

This happens a lot when im on holiday as it’s always really easy to pack if you stick to 2 colour palettes. This holiday I went for Greys and Black with mushrooms/browns. Or Greys and blacks with Blue/lilac tones.  This way I have managed with fewer bags, coats and footwear as the building blocks of the outfit are of similar colours!!

I took this simple packing tip from my friend Sam years ago when she said ‘Pack Monotone’ !! She was right,  its simple to match your separates and you can make it all the more interesting with something as simple as a Gold bag or some pink bangles!

Yesterday I was wearing ….         

Lace Racer Back Blouse – Warehouse (Showing you the behind in the main image as the detail on this top is too gorgeous to miss)

Jeans – Tommy Hilfiger

Leather Satchel – old work sample (again!)

Boots – Caterpillar (again!)


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