Day 4 – From Russia With Love!

So yesterday the camera battery was dead, but what a treat we had today when we woke up and had about 18  inches of snow to show you all!! Yesterday it snowed for most of the day and ALL night, we had blizzard conditions in Manhattan and was the worst snow storms they had since 1996!

Seriously, 18 inches of snow, What a great excuse to work the russian look!  The hat is new, i bought from Urban Outfitters yesterday whilst caught down town in the ‘Blizzard’!

Today I did my usual fashion faux-pas of wearing my browns with the blacks and greys, it might be somthing most people try to avoid, but it works for me.. That chucked on some warm stuff and went for a walk look! Perfect! I do it ALL the time!

Hat (My new love) – urban Outfitters

Coat – Zara

Grey Skinnys – ‘Baxters’ Topshop

Checked Turn-Back Gloves – Burberry

Leather Satchel – An old sample from work

Pull-on Boots – Caterpillar

Before you go… Check out this dog I saw in central park who had cold feet and was also working the brown and black look! Only Americans put their dogs in shoes!


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