NO-vember! NO-post!

Hello Fashion Sunday fans!!

You may have noticed that I havent added a post since the end of October,  I havent been neglecting you, I have in fact just been a very busy girl!

I havent intentionally boycotted the month of November, it just kind of well, happened! Anyway im back now in full swing, inspired and bursting with excitement and enthusiasm!!

So what have you missed ; I have exciting news.

I am moving departments at work, as of next week I am now on Ladies Branded footwear dept!!! (Cue the smily face)

Will be working with fashion brands like KG, Carvella, Bertie and Dune. So yes, I am pleased, however I cant help but think if only I was in Selfridges head office, moving to the ladies branded footwear dept would be a different ball game all together! If this happened I think id be hyperventilating!

Lots of exciting things in the run up till Xmas.. Got new purchased, great outfits and Xmas party pics!

Will Keep you posted.

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Pics coming soon…

FS x


One Comment on “NO-vember! NO-post!

  1. You’re back!!! Missed your weekly updates babe… We’re sitting in a bar in Dubai drinking bubbles… Only one person missing 😦

    X x x x x x x x x x x

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