Decorating Attire!

Well fashion folk, This weekend I have never felt so sexy..

Take a look yesterdays outfit …………….>

Its ok, I havent gone mental, I can explain myself.  I spent yesterday painting the flat, its been an on-going task but it is slowly and surely coming together.. 

Im looking forward till it’s finished so I can start buying some furniture, but lets not bore you with that, this isnt a ‘home decor’ blog!

Obviously I took it upon myself to dress the part! 

Last week I did it in a dungaree skirt (the painting that is!) and this weekend I didnt want to ruin anything else I am loving right now, however I think I just about managed to pull it off this week with absolutely no style whatsoever!

So I though i’d share!

So what am I wearing… Old Ted Baker-now my decorating-jeans, a topshop sweatshirt and a Gucci head scarf (Bit random!) which I am in love with at the moment.. I forgot all about my headscarves in the back of my cupboard untill I saw Cher from X factor sporting one in this weeks Grazia! and Oh how im loving it…

Its not often I take any fashion tips from the X factor contestants, especially from a girl who wears fake eyelashes everyday, ’tis not my style, but this I really like! 

I think with all the 50’s inspiration that is pouring out of Louis Vuitton range at the moment if we cant work the full midi skirt then why not rock the housewife look instead?

Think I might hold back before stepping out the house in a pair of marigolds though hey!

Happy Sunday, see you next week for some actual fashion! x


One Comment on “Decorating Attire!

  1. I love it! But I can’t they are now decorating jeans I love those good old boyfs!
    Well done on the decorating and still
    managaing to add a bit of aw10 catwalk insp in!!that is a true fashion heart
    Loves ya xxxx

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