Fashion Tips v1

Hello Fashion Sunday followers!

I though it would be fun to share some fashion tips every once in a while..

So, today I have found this image of Charlene from Kent and want to give you a few guides on how you can achieve her look..

Vintage Dresses are a great way to have a bit of individuality, its unlikely you are going to see someone else in the same dress as there were not 3000 mass made and all being sold at various outlets throughout the country at the same time!

Tip 1.  The Vintage Dress

It doesn’t have to fit perfectly, because you can belt it! (I belt everything) but do choose a dress that is timeless.  This shirt dress will alway work.  The colour also works well for now.

Tip 2. The Clogs

Charlene has teamed her vintage dress with a pair of shoes that are in fashion now.  By teaming something old with something new she has bought her look up to date.  FYI these clogs are from Topshop.

Tip 3.  The Leopard Print Bag

Leopard Print bags are all the rage right now (See Mulberry’s Lilly bag HERE) but I don’t think leopard print ever really goes out of fashion.  Again, it is timeless.  By using a printed bag Charlene has added interest to her outfit.  When you next select a bag to go with your outfit, don’t always go for the black clutch bag!  Think of either something that becomes the statement part of your look or something that clashes!  Start thinking a little more like SJP !


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