Lets Dare To Bare

Time to Transition, Light Jackets and Long Legs - The Sartorialist

In this months Vogue I read an article about New York women and their loathing for thick tights! The article (on page 127 october issue) called ‘Bare Necessity’ talks about the style divide across the Atlantic and how at the very first chance us brits grab for the opaques like religion.  

Now I think the New Yorkers always seem to look more glamorous, sexier and more sophisticated than the Londoners do, and so I have thought deeply about this since reading the article. I think the New Yorkers are right, although the tights cover up our pale blue-tinted pins and protect us slightly from weather and are also (if you wear black ones) slimming it does not necessarily mean that they make an outfit look any better.

Plus I think most outfits that are worn with black opaque tights look better without black opaque tights, don’t you agree?

And I now feel strongly that they are just a really good excuse not to look after ourselves!  I mean, why fake tan or keep your waxes up if you can pop some think tights on so everyone but you is none the wiser.. It’s just lazy. We can’t even use the crap british weather as an excuse as its colder in New York. They are all braving the weather looking fabulous while were here across the water being all british and moaning about it!

I don’t think we should be putting the effort into our pins pre holidays only, we need to make an effort and get our tight tones tanned legs out a little more.

Here,  I will give you a little incentive… It WILL make your dress look better!

FS x


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