J Brand – Not Just The Houlihan’s

I have been wanting to write about J brand for a long time, however, everyone was writing (or more like typing!) about J Brand and I wanted to be different. 

Now, everyone has been talking about J Brand since the Houlihan skinny combat trousers took off 6 months ago, bearing in mind the brand been around since it started in 2005, and they have been snapped up by fashion favorites like Kate moss and Net-a-porter’s Natalie Massenet (image right), and all though I have been very much aware of the Houlihan’s I didn’t feel the need to bang on about them, until this week when the jeans and I got up close and personal!!

I don’t want to harp on about the Houlihan’s, but I do want to tell you all about J Brands other fantastic jeans, of which I spent quite some time trying on a variety of washes, lengths and cuts in the changing room of my favourite local boutique.

In the end I decided I wanted THE perfect pair of black skinnys, would make a great investment considering the cost around £200!  I have been searching for months for my perfect fit, and there next to the Holihan’s on the denim table was 2 pairs of black skinny jeans, one full length stretchy denim and the other a cropped ankle length jean of Japanese twill with zips at the ankles. Both of which a perfect fit, I put this down to what they call their super-stretch denim!

I don’t however have £385 to spend in 2 pairs of Jeans, though im seriously considering at leat one of them!  They honestly fit like a dream.

Anyhow, £200 isnt a lot to spend on a pair of jeans, right??


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