Should We Shop Less On The Web?

I have the urge this week to share with you a cardigan that I bought last weekend. 

It’s basically a camel coloured cover up and  I bought it because camel is the colour of the moment and fortunately for me  brown tones work well with my skin tone! Plus, I was feeling chilly in the office that week and though you really can never have too much knitwear (amongst other things! Shoes for example). 

Anyway, this evening I was having a little surf on the Topshop website to see if I could find any other knitwear as I was so pleased with the camel number and I was shocked to see there on screen MY cardigan, it looking so plain and boring. Lifeless almost!

The thing is, If I saw it on-line without having bought it already I don’t think I would have given it a second glance. The cardigan, is beautiful, it feels nice on, it is so soft, and it is wrapable, I have wrapped it round me and belted it and it looks great. The arms narrow at the sleeve ends and you can wear them as full length sleeves or push them up to give you trendy over sized slouchy arms, and it has wonderful dropped shoulder seams.  All of these things you just cannot see feel or appreciate when shopping on-line.

It makes me wonder why I would want to buy anything on-line at all. I mean how many times have you been disappointed and sent items back, wasting postage cost and receiving wrong sizes. Ok, I know it is great if you don’t want face the crowds, but isn’t the clothes, the quality, the feel, the atmosphere of the shop what the shopping experience is all about??

I saw we all get of our backsides and get out to the shops a little more!!


One Comment on “Should We Shop Less On The Web?

  1. I think a lot of people prefer online shopping because they usually shop at stores they already know, therefore they generally know the quality, the style and the fit. Sometimes it’s just more efficient. And of course there’s some people who just hate the mall and shopping in general! (something I’ll never understand, I love shopping)
    Great cardigan by the way, I have so many similar ones. They are perfect for just throwing on over anything, and definitely a must have for fall!

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