Get the MAX out of your Maxi!

One Autumn/Winter trend I can’t stop thinking about is wearing a maxi skirt with an over sized jumper or t-shirt belted up top.  It can be a bit of a grungy look but I think it is a brilliant way to utilise some of the Spring summer wardrobe you invested in earlier this year.

Rather than buying a new skirt I have taken the Tube maxi dress that I was wearing this summer and popped a jumper over the top. I may look ever so slightly like Mortishia Adams but I like it, plus I havent invested in any jumpers yet this season as it’s still warm! So if the Mortisha look is not for you then try the black skirt/maxi dress (flattering on the hips) and try a coloured jumper/t-shirt over the top.

I think this would work well with a coffee or camel coloured loose knit jumper. However, if you want to add more vibrant colours than the brown palette yet still staying on trend then go for a mulberry coloured top and belt up with a tan skinny waist belt.

The belt has to be a skinny one or the look will look odd!

If its a coloured or printed maxi your trying to update try a single colour tonal jumper/t-shirt to update your look.

With regards to footwear here, I’m still in my gladiators, but as it gets colder you might want to wear big slouchy dirty biker boots underneath for a big grunge – I could not give a toss – look!

I’m really pleased to have found another look from what already exists in my wardrobe..

I will see what I can rustle up for you next week!

FS x


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