The Best Of The Beach

I’m back folks!

If you read last weeks post you will know I have been on holiday.

I had 5 days relaxing on the spanish coast and have come away feeling relaxed, recharged and with a so-so tan. I have been slapping on the factor 50 as no one wants skin like an old tan hide!  I have forgone a tan for skin preservation, that’s my excuse anyway and im sticking to it!

Right, back to fashion.

I found some fantastic fashion finds in the spanish street markets, and have come home with bangles, bracelets, rings and things that will fit in perfectly with some of the Autumn Winter 10 trends (thinking ahead people).

I think holiday finds are great way to have something individual that you can’t buy in mass on the high street.  Great things to bring away from holidays are pashminas or jewellery as they are not to holiday specific and can be used throughout the year.   You could find these ‘pieces’ anywhere from a market stall or a shop which is only trading in the country you are visiting. Eitherway you will have something your friends back home dont have, with the added bonus of a reminder of your trip too!

Now, last week I promised to post the best of the beach upon my return,  and here it is! 

Julianne from Ireland had holiday cool down to a tee.  Not only did she look the best on the beach, her outfit is practical too.  Her zebra playsuit is great for a quick cover up, easy to pop on over your bikini and rush over to the beach bar!   The straw hat is a beach must-have for keeping the sun off your face and stop you burning your hairline. 

Also, Julianne polished her outfit with little pearl earings.  Me likey!

Any one off on their hols and want any outfit/packing tips?


2 Comments on “The Best Of The Beach

  1. Hello!
    Missed your blog last week ,loving your holiday one Sunday fashion girly. I’m
    off to Majorca in september , please can I have some cool evening outfit ideas?x

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