Fashion Sunday: Out Of Office!

Hello Fashion Sunday followers…

Apologies for those who came to the blog last week and was disappointed to find no post, my boyfriend James and I had some terrible news the day before that a close friend of ours had died in an accident, it was a very sad time for us and writing about fashion didn’t seem appropriate.

Thank you for those of you who came to the site searching for a new post regardless. If you sign up for the email subscription then you get an email every time there is a new update! To sign up click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button on the button on the top right of the blog feed.

Good news, the camera is back and working! Just in time too as im off for a few days fun in the sunshine.

I will update you next Sunday with be best of  what ive seen on the beach… and I don’t mean bare bodies!

Must go, I have packing to do!

Have a good week and I’ll see you next Sunday!


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