Why Are We Trying So Hard?

Having still a broken camera and being unable to get creative with my images I thought I would have a look through Lookbook this week and see if there was anything inspiring for me to pass on to you all, I’ll be honest it was quite a struggle, I trawled through images of girls in printed play suits and blazers and straw hats, everyone trying SO hard to be ‘in fashion’ but I found it all a little boring…

It made me think, why are we trying so hard?  Surely we don’t all want to look the same?  Although I love Topshop, I certainly don’t want to become one of the Topshop masses.  Fashion is about being individual, selecting the right pieces for you, expressing yourself through your clothes is it not?

So whilst trawling through the images on Lookbook,  the look that stood out for me the most (and she stood out a cyber-mile!) was this summery babe from Milan.

I thought it shows summer cool can be so easy, with denim shorts, a white vest, some gladiators and a big bright summery Balenciaga bag (Loving the bag!)

Her personality is clearly  shining through her outfit with a few simple notes to reflect her style.  Of course I really don’t know anything about her but looking at her stylistic choices would be a good place to start.  Note the ‘poolside blue’ nail varnish and  the detail on her top.  She looks relaxed, happy with herself and like she is about to have  fun, now shouldnt we all feel like this in the summer?  Rather than trying hard to be something were not and feeling uncomfortable because it’s what we should be wearing?


One Comment on “Why Are We Trying So Hard?

  1. Sooooo true Sunday fashion girl! Today I had on a White cotton dress with broderie detail chunky brown belt and bangles and I felt like me. Also felt like me as went boating in a paddling pool and the clear choice of footwear would be pumps or flip flops but I wore 4 inch clogs- not suitable but I was expressing myself and I felt like me and as you say-that’s exactly what fashions about x

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