New ‘Kicks’ On The Block

Ok, so not so new as ASH have been around for about 10 years but they have been sitting quietly under the radar untill recently.

Over the past few months ASH have been more and more in the spotlight, their styles have been used for editorial pages in Heat, Grazia, and Marie Claire to name a few, they had some great summer boots in this weeks Grazia magazine (pg 68 folks).

For those of you who havent heard of ASH you may recognise them for their heeled canvas lines. Think high rubber-heeled Converse! I wasnt not keen on these at first but the more I see them, the more I have secretly wanted a pair.. and now I am just totally in love with these bronze metallic buckled beauties (don’t judge me!!)

You can buy ASH footwear in an array of luxury independent retailers  or you can get them online, through my, ASOS, and now . The original line that they are most recognised for have now been copied by River Island. 

Have a look at their mainline collection on their website they have an amazing selection, have a search for these babies: festival-perfect boots (HYSTERIA), day-time gladiators (MARRAKECH) and the hard-edge wedge (ironically named LOVELY)!

And my sporty faves are called THELMA!

Get involved people, I just have a feeling that this brand is gonna take of!


One Comment on “New ‘Kicks’ On The Block

  1. Her indoors is on a diet i just might buy her some when she reaches her target weight bless her 🙂

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