The £860 T-Shirt

Some things make me laugh about the fashion industry.

I am generally one who takes offence when someone remarks that £995 is too expensive for a handbag. ‘Its not far off something you can buy in Marks & Spencers, it’s just a black leather bag’ I hear  *GASP*..

‘It is not JUST a bag. It’s a soft black Mulberry Alexa bag with a patent snakeskin trim, and the golden hardware buckles’ how can it NOT be worth £995?!

I may not be able to afford the Alexa bag, but I still want one, its not a crime to have aspirations and look to better your wardrobe and your appearance, and hell if i had the money I would be first in the queue, but what I saw this week was beyond ridiculous, gluttonous in fact.

There is a point where worth disappears behind a cloud of outrageous expense, I was once told it doesn’t matter how much something costs if you like it, and this it true – to an extent.

Here we have this T-shirt, though it is Balmain (whose clients once included Sophia Loren and the duchess of Kent) and has a hard edgy note to it that Balmain now portrays, is 100% cotton…  and that’s it.

100% Cotton for £860.  No embellishment, no fancy embroidery, leather or appliqués.  It’s just a t-shirt…with holes in!

Wealth vs worth?  The ‘slashed army t-shirt’ is long past being a luxury through quality and has become expensive solely to be exclusive.   In my opinion, its a complete rip off.  I do hope you all agree!


2 Comments on “The £860 T-Shirt

  1. Love this weeks post actually made me
    laugh out loud,I definitely agree!
    I clicked on the t shirt today and it’s been reduced to £602 – I think they’ve taken note of your blog or maybe no one was stupid enough to pay the full asking price !

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