Get ‘Shorty’

I hope im not the only one who is struggling with the weather?  The days are being quite decieving with its bright sunny mornings and turning cloudy and chilly (Brrrr!) by early lunch time.  I have found myself being tricked into thinking its safe to put on a summery dress and pop off to the office only to find its cold outside, and cold inside too as the aircon is set to ‘summer’ mode!

Not to worry, I have the solution – SHORTS

Less exposing than skirts, not screaming out ‘Summer’ as a maxi dress does and so easy to smarten up/dress down. For those who are still too cold this June, they look great worn in a layered outfit and look good with opaque tights too!

The 3 main trends on shorts at the moment are the denim shorts, tailored shorts and printed shorts.  My personal favourite being the tailored look (unless your going to a festival then you gotta go denim!).  They look great with plain or printed shirts or even a t-shirt, and and can can have the summer edge taken off with an over sized boyfriend cardigan or a blazer. If a cardi or a blazer is too much for you then try a striped long sleeve t-shirt with navy or beige shorts.

Another trend that can incorporated well here is the CLOG trend.

How amazing would a pair of clogs look on this outfit?  Go on girls – get your shorts out, tuck in a shirt, borrow your boyfriends cardi,  clogs on (leave your socks on if you like!) and your away!


One Comment on “Get ‘Shorty’

  1. My colleage was intrigued when reading one paragraph on your blog “…, and cold inside too as the aircon is set to summer mode!Not to worry, I have the solution..” it also made me think about the day I came across my wife.

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