The Military-Floral Trend

Anyone watch Gok’s Fashion fix this week? Did you see him turn a £20 parker into a trendy girly military style dress??

Regardless of the fact I love Gok’s efforts and he indeed did a very good job of pulling of this trend off, I personally find the whole sew-it-your-self a bit of a chore, especially after I’ve finished work and done a bit of shopping, cooked dinner and read Vogue! I rarely have time to sew a button on, let alone stitch my jacket up to make a trendy dress..

However, Gok got me thinking..

I knew I had an old khaki jacket in my coat cupboard, one I’d recently been contemplating adding to the charity shop pile, as I hadn’t quite got round to throwing it out I thought i’d see if I can utilise it instead.

So, next stop was a serious rummage through my wardrobe to see if i could find something to girl it up a bit..

I found a floral print maxi skirt that I don’t really wear anymore, so I thought, wear it as a dress?!  Might work! 

 Now belt it,  to give a bit of shape around the waist (it is a skirt after all!).. 

Plus dog tag..

Don’t forget the jacket…   and, voila!

I’m very happy with my military-floral bang on trend creation.. and it didn’t cost me a penny!

 See if you can do the same in your wardrobe!!


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