The Ugg Shoot

The trees of Madagascar!So this week has been particularly fun, Its been abnormally sunny for May and I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend some time out in the sunshine and not stuck at my desk or in a meeting room! I’ve been fighting off the green-eyed monster comments all week since.

Read on for a few little behind the scenes ‘need to knows’ on the Autumn/Winter 2010 Ugg boot trends!

So in a nut shell ive been out on location at Formby beach on the outskirts of Liverpool  (It looks rather more tropical than the North West coast of Blighty doesn’t it!!) and we have been shooting the Autumn/Winter 10 Ladies, Mens and Kids Ugg boots.. And very nice they are indeed.. In keeping with the Ugg brand imagery we have shot inland a little to get that beachy down to earthy feel that the Australians do oh so well! 

So what do you need to know.. Well, I am not allowed to post any images of the boots as I risk loosing my job but I can tell you it seems to be all about tassels.. the next big one for Ugg is going to be a boot called Plumdale… (keep your eye out folks) and it’s absolutely gorgeous.. A tall boot, available mostly in chestnut and in chocolate with an asymmetric turn down sheepskin cuff, and some suede tassels hanging on the side.. I cannot wait to get myself a pair.. they are very, very cute and wintery!  These are available for ladies and kids. 


The camera crew!

The next boot in the knitted collection is a tall boot (similar to the Classic Cardy) with fringing down the vertical edge of the knit (Down the side of the button edge) I’ll be honest I wasnt sure about these at first they looked like old hippy boots in a granny knit but when I saw them on I thought they were amazing! Really trendy..


Now, for those who havent been hunting to hard for the immediate Ugg trend, the high summer trends has been all about colours… Ugg have some HOT HOT pink classics which are A-marrzing!  if you are a mad Ugg fan and want to be ahead of the game, go for a pair of these before everyone who’s brave enough is in them! Just imagine these with your  tanned legs and denim shorts!


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