The last days of summer..

Last weekend I nearly packed up my summer clothes and swapped over to my winter wardrobe, and today I was soooo glad I didn’t!

I have been holding off as I have a mini break in the Cotswolds with friends, on the edge of a beautiful lake and I am desperate for it to be sunny so we can drink one last chilled rose on the balcony before autumn sets in.

Bye bye summer

Today, was beautiful in Lancaster. What a great opportunity to chuck on comfy flip flops (I must be Havaiana’s biggest fan, I LIVE in them!) and wear some paler cool summer colours before I dive head first into winters fail safe Burgundy colour and winter floral trends.

Alexander Wang Rocco

French connection t-shirt, Topshop skirt (old), Bag Alexander Wang Rocco

Somewhere down the line (my birthday actually) I forgot to mention bought an Alexander Wang handbag I have lusted over for over 5 years!! Yes  I have been eyeing it up humming and haring about which colour for 5 years.. Its currently my favourite thing own, its super versatile, and just damn beautiful.. a great bag all year round, and NAVY of course, my favourite colour 🙂

Let me introduce you to Rocco..

Alexander Wang Rocco NavyRocco Navy

Isnt she beautiful.. sold out in this colour, but you can buy this seasons Rockie and Rocco bags HERE . My advice is to pick a pebble leather same as mine, its more robust and it suits the bag so much! Oxblood colourway looks amazing for this winter, and I wish I could brave the Orange !

Which colour would you buy ????

FS x

Photos : Natalie B @ NB Photo –





Another Way To Style Your Breton..

Breton Top

The ‘Breton Tee’ is by far the most useful item (bar underwear) that you will ever purchase for your wardrobe.

I love them. They are stripey (so already on to a winner!), comfy, chic and totally versatile.

I have always wore mine with jeans, under jackets, tucked into pencil skirts, really anything goes with a Breton! So when this email came into my inbox from Banana Republic you can imagine how excited I was to see a Breton top layered under a jumpsuit!

Banana Republic Jumpsuit

You can buy this amazing Jumpsuite HERE by the way! £75

Keen to wear my Breton tops a new way I took a little inspiration here.. I pulled a Clements Ribeiro dress from last season which I had only worn once on a beach holiday and turned it into a totally wearable transitional outfit! And I have worn so many time this way since! I hope you like 🙂

Boden Breton

Boden Breton top

Clements Ribeiro Dress

Breton Top – Boden, Dress (last season) Clement Ribeiro, Bag – Michale Kors, Sovereign Necklace – My Mums

Now, When you wear something so often it needs to be good quality to see you through right?  I came across Boden a few years ago, and I have never bought a Breton tee from anywhere else since, I am a complete convert! They are reasonably priced, this one is £29 and available in a range of colours. You can go straight to the website and buy it HERE

Boden Long Sleeve BretonFor this time of year I recommend long sleeve, and there are two shades you HAVE to have in your closet, both this one and the NAVY are classics that will stand the test of time.

Fashion SundayBoden Breton

Thanks to Natalie for more great photos

See you all soon

FS x

Photos : Natalie B @ NB Photo –


Fashion whilst dashing’..

Just a quick one today.. I’m busy busy with work, packing and travelling !   So easy to get dressed when you grab a tee shirt (comfy) and select a classic skirt with a bit of ‘Oomph’ ! Lace is always a winner!

Although mine has a print, a plain tee would have worked just as well here..  Very excited about the weekend ahead, not only do we love a bank holiday, I’m heading south to the coast for a long awaited wedding (you know when a couple has been together for ever! It’s about time they got married !!) and a new dress to wear ! More on that no doubt once the hangover passes! 

Skirt – old favourite from french connection. Tee- was a gift! It’s amazing isnt it!!! Bag – Jimmy Choo

Happy Friday peeps xx
FS xxx

New Denim Dress..

So I’ve been having a MANGO moment!

Have you been in there lately? So much I love I feel like they designed it all just for me! Obviously they didn’t, but it sure makes shopping easy when you have a go-to store were you can get both basics and statement items that fit you like a dream (and in your style!) all under one roof!

Mango Denim Dress

So lets talk about this denim dress..

 First of all, IT HAS POCKETS! We all love a dress that has pockets! secondly for denim its super soft, and after that, Its just a simple cut and its minimal detail make it perfect for just about everything! I’ve dressed it up with heels and statement necklaces, I’ve dressed it down with Birkenstocks and this weekend I just chose simple white accessories.

Mango Denim

M&S White Sandals (sold out) – Buy similar from HERE

Remember these ….

M&S Sandals

Michael Kors Mini Selma Bag – Still in stock and super handy (I use this bag loads!)  – Buy HERE

Michael Kors Selma

Soft Denim Dress

MANGO Soft Denim Dress – In Stock £39.99 – Buy HERE

This dress is a timeless buy that will last me for years, Ive already started thinking about how I can work it into my winter wardrobe!!

Fashion Sunday Dress

Bye for now

FS xxx

Photos : Natalie B @ NB Photo –

Summer Statement Jacket..

I love jackets, because I always get cold. Even in the summer I have a pashmina style scarf close to hand!

I don’t know about you but I find it soo hard to find summery cover ups, loads of amazing statement jackets out there with sequins (great for a night out) or smart jackets for work, but unless your a cardi fan then its a real struggle for summer boho or a relaxed look.

BUT … Fear not! I found this little gem on the highstreet…

Mango Jacket

Perfect for summer days, nights and festivals. Plus, Im completely obsessed with tassels right now so suits me just fine!

In store now at MANGO – Buy HERE – Only £39.99

Manjo Jacket £39.99

And what’s more… Don’t you think its a little bit Etolie Isabel Marant like ?!

Yeah me too !!!

Mango Jacket 1

See you Soon

FS xxx

Photos : Natalie B @ NB Photo –

Dressing for pizza ….

When popping into town last night for a pizza I got James to take a quick outfit shot. When I looked back at the photo I thought… ‘Errrr…  What can I say that’s inspiring about this ?!’

Well, I decided that maybe that’s exactly the reason I should be posting it… Basic, everyday, laid back wearable stuff!


I often chuck on something like this when we go for a pizza, mostly because we go at the spare of the moment,  it’s quick, I don’t have time to think about what I’m gonna wear and I don’t wanna feel over dressed. 

Here’s the ingredients:  Plain tee, ripped jeans, a bit of bling on your feet and grab a clutch! 

Keep it simple, but definitely add a bit of sparkle in either your bag, shoes or earrings … NOT all three or you’ll over do it !! Then (if your like me) all you have to worry about is what pizza your gonna order !! I can never decide !


FS xx

That Joseph Bag..

So last week I posted an Insta photo of me loving this little purchase… Well turns out the weather turned nasty again and being a summer item it stayed in the bag for another week!!
Today, sick of my old clothes, and excited about a day of Saturday shopping at the Trafford centre I pulled it out the bag..

I bought Joseph Tee a while ago but decided to keep it to one side for spring (a blog I follow called wearing it today keeps a ‘summer box’ I suppose this is the start of my collection)
I love this tee because it’s the perfect ‘JOSEPH’ stripe !
It’s baggy so I can eat a lot of kettle chips in it ! And it’s so versatile, goes with everything!
Now it’s out I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot.. Plus totally chic!
A top Coco would be proud of!
Literally my new fave item, apart from this jumpsuit I bought today!!! More on THAT soon xxx


M&S star buy..

OH my good god, today I stumbled across the best buy ive seen so far this year.


Lemme tell you about it….
Lancaster doesn’t have an abundance of trendy high street shops, we lack the European likes of Zara and Mango and have a Topshop which is smaller than my lounge!
We have an Accessorize, Clarks, New look, RI, Next and they’re building a Primark, we also have an M&S (mostly food hall with a teeny-tiny clothes section) so I was completely surprised to see such an amazing find this afternoon.

These white jewelled sandals were such a breath of fresh air, it was a horrible rainy day today and as I unzipped my black riding boots and peeled off my socks I was looking at these shoes dreaming of summer! I also can’t quite get across how comfortable they are too!


Another bonus….. £35….. Get ya cards out ladies they are in stock and online… Get em before they go!

Wear with jeans or at weddings I reckon these will be your best pound per wear item this year

See you soon

FS xxxx

What To Wear For Lunch ..

Unless its afternoon tea in the middle of summer, I always struggle with getting dressed up at lunch time, it is literally my worst time of day to dress up for. Going out for dinner or drinks ‘Pass me the sequins’ .. Afternoon tea’s easy its a dress with BIG skirt paired with sandals every time, Im much more a pub-lunch-in-ya-jeans-n-boots-girl these days though. So when your going to a relatively relaxed Michelin star restaurant in the lake district what on earth do you wear?!


When I say relaxed I don’t mean ramblers are sitting in there or anything, but id probably get some funny looks if I rocked up in a nice dress. Its not that im not a fan of being over dressed, but there is a time and a place and L’enclume at lunch time isn’t one of them!   What im  trying to achieve is ‘smart casual’ !!!!


So, I decided jeans were the way forward and I pulled this Karen Millen top out of the wardrobe that ive had a while and not yet got to wearing. I think the top is both feminine and smart enough. I think I nailed ‘Smart Casual’ just right.

A little nod to the peasant top trend but a little smarter, cant wait to wear this more in the summer.

Not available online now, but buy similar HERE also from Karen Millen. or this GORRRRGEOUS one from Mango HERE

SONY DSCToday was a lovely day, the food was amazing, there was wine and sunshine, what more could you want from a sunday!

See you soon

FS xxxx


The Long Awaited Wardrobes !

They’re here.. They’re here.. They are fiiiiiinally here!

Ok so ive had them for about 3 weeks and only just got to telling you all, but I am oh so happy, my beautiful wardrobes are finally fitted and no more ‘POP-UP’ wardrobe for me, Yay !!!

The wardrobes are HEPPLEWHITE ‘MODA’ design and were fitted by a local installer. I decided to go for all mirrored doors to create the most light in my room.

In case you didn’t know Hepplewhite and Hammonds are the same company so I got the £4k wardrobes at more than the half the price by using their sister brand. I literally couldn’t be happier… They look great huh ???


It was a tough one deciding how to lay out the interior, I needed BFF help for this one! The left side is for Mr.FS but the rest (plus the wardrobes in our guest rooms are mine!) The centre wardrobe is for long hanging Maxi dresses and for more formal ‘save for best’ dresses. The right hand wardrobe is my everyday rails, with the top section long enough to hold dresses and cropped trousers! I was gonna have shoes in here too but there is not enough space so ive used the shelving for folded (mostly Bretton!!) tops!

Its a long way away from where we were….


And im sure you’ll all agree Waaaayyyy better !!

All I have to do now is bring the rest of the room up to scratch … Im getting there, but an IKEA trip is in order soon I think!


FS xxxx